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Draw Clitheroe!

On Saturday 6th August, Trinity was part of the town-wide Draw Clitheroe event! Over 180 people visited our terrace and became pavement artists for the day. Archie Whymark, Trinity’s Eco Champion, and the Eco Group led the butterfly chalk drawing and, through this, raised people’s awareness of the Climate Crisis and how this is affecting butterflies! The photo above shows our Coffee time after the morning service on Sunday, where the butterflies still looked beautiful!


Archie’s Eco Facts 

Archie and his chalk butterfly

Archie takes part in the chalk drawing at the Draw Clitheroe Event

Plants are flowering a month earlier which catches the butterflies out!

A butterfly is very clever and can adapt quickly to changes in the environment, however our world is changing too fast for butterflies and they are becoming extinct.

Did you know that already 4 species of butterfly have become extinct due to the rising temperatures of Climate Change?









Children's chalk drawings of butterflies

Look at all these colourful butterflies!