Trinity Eco Group


The national Methodist Church recognised a Climate Emergency in 2018 and encouraged local churches to take action and use the A Rocha Eco Church Award scheme to show that they cared for God’s earth.

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Trinity Methodist Church, Clitheroe, appointed a Climate Action Champion to oversee its response to the Climate Emergency in 2021 and to register with the A Rocha Eco Church Award Scheme to identify how environmentally friendly a church it was.


The Climate Action Champion recruited a small Eco Group in January 2022 and registered with A Rocha for their Eco Church Award Scheme and investigated what they could do to be environmentally friendly.

For information, an award is obtained by answering a series of survey questions divided into five categories:

  1. Worship and Teaching.
  2. Buildings (this concerns double-glazing, insulation and they type of lightbulbs used etc)
  3. Land (this includes, in Trinity’s case, the Trinity Eco Community Garden that we are starting).
  4. Community and Global Engagement
  5. Lifestyle

Trinity obtained a Silver Award in March 2024 and a Bronze Eco Church Award two years previous in April 2022, they are now striving to achieve a Gold Award.

Further information can be obtained from the website or by enquiry to

Eco group meeting September 23