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Trinity’s Crafternoon team have been busy recycling and reusing indoor Easter displays to create four 8 foot external banners which will be able to be seen outside the church as an act of witness of God’s goodness and grace in our community. The beautiful flowers were originally created during Lent when the group gathered online during lockdown with materials dropped of on doorsteps. Hundreds of flowers were originally used to decorate an Easter cross and woven into four large rainbow banners as a symbol of the hope and represented our faith, friendship and creativity during difficult times and the extended lockdown restrictions.

Now they have been reassembled into beautiful wildflower meadow displays interspersed with hundreds of handmade doves, some knitted and some made out of recycled milk bottles!  Putting them outside the Church represents the Holy Spirit being released at Pentecost, empowering disciples to go out and share the Gospel across the world in all languages. The Pentecost banners will be fixed to they railings outside Trinity for Sunday 23rd May when visitors will be invited to drop past, pick up and add a ribbon to remember a loved one between 2-4pm.