NewsThe Seeker scene
A one-act play called The Seeker by Stephen Phifer, was performed by the Trinity Drama Group during Easter week.
The story revolves around a journalist called The Seeker who admires the Jesus story from an artistic point of view and hopes to believe it one day. He creates seven imaginary scenes in which he asks questions about Jesus of Nazareth as he explores issues of faith.
He first met Mary and Joseph played by Kate Walmsley and Tim Bridgman. Then, John the Baptist, played by Roy Porter, arrived preaching redemption to his people. He was followed by a debate between Nicodemus and a Roman Officer, played by Leon Saberton and Richard Thornton, who debated the political situation in Israel at the time of Jesus.
A very amusing, but meaningful, scene followed with Martha, Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the dead, and Mary, played by Helen Coles, Andrew Piercy and Kathryn Humphreys. Our picture shows the three with The Seeker, played by Steuart Kellington. This scene ended with reference to the existence of heaven and belief in Jesus.
Paul, the author of many letters in the Bible, played by Gerry Purchase, and his companion Timothy, played by Rev Ian Humphreys (in place of Thomas Humphreys who was ill) were interviewed in a prison in Ephesus. Paul spoke movingly of his strong belief in Jesus due to a blinding light experience following his persecution of Jesus. The last scene with James, the brother of Jesus and author of letters in the Bible, spoke movingly about family life and how his faith developed. Finally, The Seeker delivered the epilogue.
Steuart Kellington, who played the Seeker, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed playing this challenging part as there was such a range of emotions to portray and the Epilogue, although quite short, succinctly presented the Christian message.”
The play was directed by Madeline Adey, lighting and sound was by Dean Braithwaite and Stuart Robinson, and projection by Tim and Wendy Bridgeman. It was one of several events in Easter week held in partnership with Clitheroe Christians in Partnership.
Trinity Drama Group’s next presentation is a Murder Mystery on November 14th, 15th and 16th.