Eco Grouptoilet twinning Nov 23

THIS Sunday sees World Toilet Day and Trinity Eco Group are throwing the spotlight on this global problem.
It is not generally known that, although proper sanitation is a basic human right, approximately 2.5 billion people lack regular access to a toilet!
Even then, most toilets around the world are either unclean or unsafe. This poses a threat to the spread of diseases like cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, and diarrhoea. Research has also shown that open defecation has profoundly contributed to sexual assaults and rape among girls and women.
This is one of the reasons why Trinity Eco Church has Twinned all of its toilets with ones in Afghanistan, Malawi, Republic of the Congo, Uganda, the Yemen and Zambia.
Maybe you could afford to do something to help those less fortunate than yourself, “spend a penny.” Therefore, why don’t you use World Toilet Day to consider twinning your own toilet. It would cost you £60 per toilet (
PICTURED: Spencer Village Leader, Malawi. CREDIT: Toilet Twinning.