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The latest exhibition in the Hub Gallery has rather a special place in our heart.
The vision for the Community Hub amongst the members of Trinity Methodist Church began 20 years ago. There are now over 60 different activities taking place every month.
Local church member and former GP, Will Mackean, came to us some months ago and offered to take candid photographs of the ‘action’ here at Trinity and we jumped at the chance.
A keen musician, Will has been exploring photography increasingly in recent years. He still considers himself a novice and this is his first ever exhibition!
Will said: “I have enjoyed the challenge of capturing some of the many activities here. My hope is that the images convey something of the spectrum of activities, attendance, volunteering, age-range and emotional depth I have witnessed. There have been smiles in abundance, sincerity, many cups of tea and life in all its fullness. It has been wonderful to see the love of Christ reaching out from this church and hub to the community.”
The photographs will be added to the wonderful archive we have at Trinity going back to the 1890s, a continuous celebration of our growing community and all our outreach activities.

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