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Congratulations to Beverley Jones for getting two hymns accepted, recognised and published on the Singing the Faith plus website of the Methodist Church.

This is great stuff!

As a circuit we are so pleased for the gift of these hymns that are are understandable, singable and that express deep things of faith. The availability via the National Methodist Singing the Faith plus website will enable these hymns to reach more people and to encourage others on their journey amidst the challenging times we are in!

“Beverley Jones is new to Singing the Faith Plus – though not to the life of the Methodist Church in Britain, which has included a two-year stint on Methodist Council. Perhaps unsurprisingly, her hymn For all he came, for all he lived goes to the heart of one of Methodism’s most distinctive characteristics, defined by what are sometimes called John Wesley’s “Four Alls”.

The evangelical desire to “spread the word” that Wesley’s preaching encouraged is taken up further by Beverley in her hymn We would believe: Lord, help our unbelieving. It asks: how may we help communities and individuals to grieve and move on in faith?”

Well done!

Sincere congratulations

God Bless

Rev Ian Humphreys for the Clitheroe Methodist Circuit